Financial Leasing

Responding to market demands and rapid growth in financial leasing, AMK Leasing makes it possible for low-income people to access to leasing products that suitable and meet their needs. AMK Motorcycle and Tricycle loans are the best options to make your dream come true with a fair interest rate, simple process, and loan up to 100% of motorcycle’s and tricycle’s prices.

Product Attibute




Currency  USD USD USD

Interest Rate

(Per month)

Very Competitive  Very Competitive 

Very Competitive 

Maximum Loan Size

Up to 1000% of the Motocycle prices, but not more than USD 3,000

Up to 100% of the Tricycle prices, but not more than USD 5,000

up to 70% of Agri-Machinery prices, but not more than USD 30,000

Loan Term

12 – 36 months

12 – 36 months

12 – 36 months

Payment Mode





•    Loan amount up to 100% of motorbike’s or tricycle’s prices or 70% of Agri-Machinery

•    Fair Interest Rate
•    No Guarantor Required
•    No Collateral Required
•    Fast Process and Services  
•    Professional and friendly Staff


  • Having Specific Occupation
    • Employed
    • Self-Employed
  • Having Specific Residential Address (Rental House/Room is ok)
  • Easy Documents
    • Identity: National ID Card, Family Book, or Passport
    • Address: Family Book, Residence Book, or Sangkat Certified Letter
    • Occupation:
      • Employed: Employment Contract, Bank Passbook, Bank Statement, and Salary Pay-slip
      • Self-Employed: Document Certified Incomes & Expenses
  • Call 023 220 202 or 1800 200 200
  • Or request directly with AMK’s staff
  • Or village Bank President in your location
  • Or visit your nearest AMK office