Group Loans
2016-Sep-14 10:29 [Viewed : 14620]

The power to decide what you want and the power of many to make it easy for all. This is the essence of AMK’s group loans, loans that encourage tighter community spirit and responsibility as we all grow together.

Group loans, also known as Village Bank (VB) Loans, have been introduced by adapting the methodology of the solidarity of group lending. The method begins with potential clients self-selecting themselves into joint-liability groups of three to six members, organized into Village Banks consisting of four to twelve groups or maximum of one hundred members. This loan does not require any physical collateral as this loan was created with the poor segment of the population in mind. Group loan is the core product of AMK as it betters livelihoods of the rural poor.

A Village Bank President (VBP) is elected by its members to serve as a representative of the Village Bank.

Clients are free to decide which product best suits them according to their income flow.

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