With branches in every province throughout Cambodia and almost 400,000 customers, AMK Microfinance Institution Plc​ is one of Cambodia's leading Microfinance Institutions (MFI).

AMK’s goal is to provide poor people with a range of  tailored microfinance services, everything from multiple individual and group loans to savings and deposit products. Through providing such a wide choice of loans, savings, ​money transfer, and mobile banking services, AMK seeks to improve people's lives  by giving them the opportunity to diversify their livelihood options.

In particular, AMK's innovative "Finance At Your Doorstep" allows AMK to serve large numbers of poor people in Cambodia in a convenient and cost effective way.

As 31 of August 2015, AMK (with a staff of 2,007) reached 424,145 customers in 12,315 villages nationwide with a loan portfolio of over US$111 million.

About AMK

AMK is a distinct institution which prides itself on outreach and innovation. AMK stands out from its competitors for the following reasons:

  • Multiple Group and Individual Loan Products.
  • Finance At Your Doorstep Approach: Loan Disbursement and Collection at Community Level.
  • No Collateral Requirement for Group Loans.
  • Strict Code of Practice for Client Protection. 
  • Absolute Commitment to Mission: “To help large numbers of poor people to improve their livelihood options through the delivery of appropriate and viable microfinance services".  
  • Social Outreach: Currently serving over 370,000 clients, in 11,529​​ of the 14,000 villages in the country.
  • Ranked #1 in Cambodia in terms of outreach and #16 globally by MIX Global 100 Composite, the only MFI in the top 20 for 4 years in a row. 
  • Sustainable business model: Consistent profitability since 2005.
  • Microfinance Deposit Institution (MDI) License granted by the National Bank of Cambodia in early 2010.

Products & Services


AMK offers 8 different types of loans to both groups and individuals:

Group Loans

End of Term - Village Bank
Installment - Village Bank
Credit Line - Village Bank
  4. Easy Loan - Village Bank

Individual Loans

Business Expansion Loan
Seasonal Loan
Easy Loan

For both groupd and individual clients

  8. Emergency Loan


AMK also offers five savings products to help clients save their money safely, securely, and responsibly:

  1. Easy Saving Account  (Purple ATM Card)
Lucky Account (Gold ATM Card)
Fixed Deposit
Future Account
Corporate Saving Account
  6. Smart Kid Account

Office Delivery - delivery of transfered money at AMK Branch office and Sub branch .


Our research and surveys help us gain valuable insights from our clients into their needs and the changing market conditions. This client-driven understanding of the Cambodian microfinance context drives our product strategy and helps set our strategic priorities.

AMK's clients have the following characteristics:
  • 85% of AMK clients are women.
  • 70% of AMK clients are literate.
  • The average time spent in education by AMK Clients is 3 years
  • Slightly more than half of all clients have attended primary school, 14% have completed secondary school, and 2% have studied at higher education.
  • The average household size is 5.2 persons per household. Out of that, 2.8 persons are adults and 2.4 persons are children.
  • 99% of AMK clients undertake at least one farm activity and at least 95% carry out one non-farm activity. In addition, at least 55% engage in other inflow activities.
  • Food, health care, non-farm investments as well as input purchases for farm cropping account for a significant share in rural households' cash outflows.
  • 63% of all AMK client households have houses with a “permanent” structure. 62% still lack sanitary toilet facilities.
  • To solve economic crises in households, Most (52%) of AMK clients spend their past savings. Other means include borrowing money/gold or food from other sources (31%) including accessing AMK loans.

Microfinance Environment

The "Law on Banking and Financial Institutions" (enacted in November 1999) and the Government Decree (Prakas) for implementation (enacted in early 2000) recognizes three categories of banking institutions in Cambodia:
  1. Commercial banks which can carry out full banking services.
  2. Specialized banks which can carry out a limited number of banking activities as specified in the terms of their license.
  3. Micro-Finance Institutions (MFIs) which can carry out only credit operations.
 At the end of 2009, there were a total of 33 banks in Cambodia, with an additional 3 representative offices of foreign banks observing business development in the country. Twenty licensed MFIs and 26 rural credit operators were also operating countrywide to provide microfinance services to rural and urban households. The increasing number of banking institutions and the modernization of banking products and services has led to an improvement in intermediation, as well as heightened confidence in the banking sector.

In December 2007, the National Bank of Cambodia issued another Prakas to enable MFIs to apply for Microfinance Deposit-taking licenses (MDI) which allow them to take deposits from the public. To date, AMK is one of only four MFIs that have been granted such a license.

Highlights & Publications

AMK is one of the leading MFIs in Cambodia, covering all of Cambodia's 24 provinces and cities.

In total, AMK is found in all districts, 1,576 communes, and 11,614 villages. As of​​​ 30th of June 2014, AMK had 27 branch offices and 111 sub branch offices throughout the country. Its 1,667 staff serve almost 400,000 clients throughout Cambodia, with a loan portfolio nearly 85 million US dollars.


AMK works with a variety of local and international organizations in furtherance of its mission to enable large numbers of poor people to improve their livelihood options through the delivery of appropriate and viable microfinance services.

AMK is proud to partner with the following organizations:

Products and Services

.Loan Products: Group & Individual Loan
.Deposit Products: Easy Account, Lucky Account, Fixed Deposit Account, Future Account
.Inter-Branch Money Transfer

Annual Report